Blonde And Beyond~ USA Cassette

Blonde And Beyond~ USA Promo Cassette



Track Listing

Side 1

1. Underground Girl
2. English Boys
3. Sunday Girl (French Version)
4.  Susie And Jeffrey
5.  Shayla
6.  Denis
7.  X-Offender
8.  Poets Problem
9.  Scenery

Side 2

1. Picture This
2. Angels On The Balcony
3. Once I Had A Love
4. I'm Gonna Love You Too
5.  Island Of Lost Souls
6.  Call Me (Spanish Version)
7.  Heart Of Glass (Disco Version)
8.  Ring Of Fire (Live)
9.  Bang A Gong, Get It On (Live)
10.  Heroes (Live)


Artwork Images

End TabFlap on Back Cover

* A special thanks to Marc Talbot from England, for providing the scanned images of this Cassette *


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