Hurricane Charley~ The Morning After


     Around 7am on August 14, we ventured outside with the morning light to get a clearer picture of what damage Charley had left behind.

     My backyard was completely devastated, with trees down everywhere. A row of large oak trees had lined the length of the yard, just outside the fence enclosure. Many huge limbs were torn from these trees, taking down my entire fence and filling the backyard with mounds of debris.Backyard
     Walking around the house, I feared that we had suffered some roof damage, based on the sounds of the storm the night before. I was amazed that the roof had not even lost a shingle! We had just put a new roof on the house a year earlier, and it was this fact that probably prevented any damage. Many homes with much older roofs suffered lost shingles. The neighborhood streets were filled with shingles blown off homes.Shingles
     The front yard was strewn with quite a bit of debris that blew off our large palm tree. The winds blew from east to west during the peak of the hurricane (from left to right in this picture). Another fear we had was that the large palm tree might blow over...onto the house. Also, notice the house across the street in the picture. Almost all of their trees came down in the storm. Front Yard
     Here's another picture of the tree damage at the neighbor's across the street from my house. Neighbor
     After checking out the yard, we walked up the street to see how the rest of the neighborhood fared. The number of fallen trees was unbelievable. Many of the roads throughout the neighborhood were completely blocked.Blocked Street
     Police and fire crews had come through overnight before the storm had even completely subsided and used chainsaws to try and make the main streets in-and-out of the neighborhood passable.Chainsaw to Unblock Road
     It seemed that all the neighbors were out at 7am, walking the streets in stunned silence. A few cars were driving through the obstacle course, with video cameras running. But, those cars attempting to traverse the roads found it necessary to drive up on lawns to avoid fallen debris.Drive on Lawn
     Just 3 houses down the street from me, a large tree had crashed through the roof. This picture shows the extensive damage.Tree Through House

     The story was the same throughout the neighborhood. The following pictures show some of the damage:



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