Hurricane Charley~ Out And About


     After touring the streets around my home, I was anxious to see how the rest of Casselberry had fared. One block east of my neighborhood lies a mobile home community. I knew the damage had to be quite severe, since the westward-blowing winds had carried large pieces of foam insulation from the mobile homes and scattered the debris throughout our area.

     We got in the car and picked our way down the street, driving around fallen trees.Winter Park Drive
     As we approached the mobile home community, I could see the damage was bad. The first mobile home had lost a portion of its roof, which now hung suspended in the surrounding trees.Mobile Home Damage
     The story was the same all through the mobile home park. While some homes fared quite well, others were badly damaged. This mobile home had a portion of its roof lying in the front yard. Front Yard
     Driving around, we saw many people trying to protect their homes from further damage. These folks were trying to cover the gaping hole left when the roof peeled back. Notice the front yard was completely buried in tree debris.Mobile Homes
     This giant oak tree had fallen directly onto a mobile home, which is not even visible under the debris.Fallen Tree
     This tree came down, narrowly missing the mobile home.Fallen Tree
     Another fallen tree, this time a huge pine.Pine Tree
     This mobile home sustained major wind damage. You can see the furniture now exposed to the elements.Damaged Mobile Home
     Here is another giant oak tree that had fallen directly onto a mobile home. The house was completely buried underneath the branches.Tree on Home

Part 6~ More Driving Around Casselberry


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