Hurricane Frances~ September 4-5, 2004: The Storm Strikes


The following are pictures taken of the worsening weather beginning on the afternoon of September 4 and continuing through the day on September 5.

Fallen Tree
The pine tree mentioned on the previous page succumbed to the high winds around 8:00am on the morning of September 5.

Kitty Watch
It seems that storm-watching is a family-wide fascination: 9/05/2004~ 9:47am

Fallen Tree
Here is another picture of the pine tree that uprooted behind my house. Notice it took out another tree as it fell: 9/5/2004~ 3:24pm

My Backyard
Here is my backyard with the fence that was damaged by Charley. Notice the fence is tilting out toward the water. The normally placid stream is now a torrent that has eroded the entire bank away. Jeanne, just 2 weeks later, will finish the job, eroding away the entire yard up to the pool deck (visible on far left).

My Neighborhood
My neighborhood has more fallen trees after Frances: 9/05/2004~ 3:26pm

Traffic Out During The Storm
Rains and high winds continued into the evening of September 5. We were under a curfew, but that did not stop gawkers from hitting the streets: 9/05/2004~ 6:13pm


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