Hurricane Katrina~
Timeline Of Events


August 30~ New Orleans Under Water

     As the floodwaters poured through the levee breaks, more than 80% of New Orleans flooded. The Superdome, which had been designated as a storm shelter housing 10,000 evacuees, was surrounded by water. Most of the major highways also flooded, making any sort of vehicle traffic impossible in the city.

Canal Street
Canal Street on August 30. What a difference 24 hours makes!

As the floodwaters rose, those who chose to remain inside the city found themselves in a tenuous situation

Vast expanses of both the residential and business districts flooded

This photo was taken in the downtown area along-side the Superdome

The entire area surrounding the Superdome flooded, leaving the evacuees inside stranded

Highways Flooded
As the floodwaters rose, all the major arteries within the city became impassable

Before And After
This "Before-And-After" shot shows how extensive the flooding was in New Orleans

August 31~ Evacuation Of New Orleans

     On August 31, as the situation grew more dire, the complete evacuation of New Orleans was ordered. Frantic roof-top rescues were being conducted with helicopters in addition to the many boats that cruised the flooded streets, searching for stranded residents. Many of the remaining people in the city started migrating toward the Superdome and Convention Center, where it was stated that buses would arrive to evacuate them to the Houston Astrodome for shelter.

Lower 9th Ward
Rescue boats comb the Lower 9th Ward, picking up stranded residents

Roof Top Rescue
Helicopters air-lifted hundreds of trapped residents to safety

Residents began migrating toward the Superdome and Convention Center in hopes of being evacuated

Memorial Medical Center
Air-boats were used to evacuate the flooded Memorial Medical Center

Prison Evacuees
Even the prison in New Orleans flooded, necessitating the evacuation of all the prisoners, who were corralled onto a highway overpass until they could be safely evacuated from the city

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