Hurricane Katrina~
Timeline Of Events


September 2~ A New Hope

     By September 2, conditions at both the Superdome and Convention Center had grown desperate. Evacuees were entering their fifth day surviving in filth with no food or water. Finally, on the afternoon of September 2, the first military convoy made its way through the floodwaters, carrying truckloads of critically needed supplies to the Superdome. The fire situation grew more serious, with many new blazes breaking out across New Orleans. Pre-dawn explosions rocked the city as a chemical plant on the waterfront exploded. The resulting fire burned throughout the day, casting a smoky pall over an already suffering New Orleans.

A chemical plant on the waterfront explodes, igniting a huge blaze

Smoke from the chemical plant fire hangs over New Orleans

Large homes in a residential area burn on September 2

A fire burns in the business district

September 2 finds much of New Orleans flooded with several fires burning in the city

Helicopters continue their patrols, searching for any survivors that need to be rescued

Horrific Scenes
This is just one of the many horrific scenes found in New Orleans. A woman awaits evacuation from a highway overpass while a body floats in the floodwaters below.

The crowd continues to swell at the Superdome

Military Convoy
Finally! The first military convoy brings desperately needed supplies to the evacuees at the Superdome

Miltary Presence
September 2 saw the first real military presence arrive to assist the local police and National Guard in restoring order to New Orleans

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