Hurricane Katrina~
Timeline Of Events


September 3~ Final Evacuations and Repairing The Levees

     September 3 was a turning point for New Orleans. The Army Corps Of Engineers began work on repairing the damaged levees so that the water could begin to be pumped out of the city. 3,000 pound sandbags were dropped by helicopters to try and seal the breaches. On the evacuation front, hundreds of buses continued to remove the thousands of stranded residents from both the Superdome and Convention Center. By day's end, only a few thousand people remained. The intended destination of the displaced was in Houston at the Astrodome. However, this location quickly became filled to capacity and Houston city officials scrambled to open more shelters to accomodate the more than 200,000 evacuees that continued to stream in from devastated New Orleans.

     Fires continued to plague New Orleans, with many new blazes erupting through-out the day. The waterfront fire from the previous day continued to burn and a Saks Fifth Avenue store in the city went up in flames. Many of the fires were considered to be caused by arson and firefighters efforts continued to be hampered by low water pressure and difficulty in accessing the fires in flooded areas.

City Skyline
New Orleans skyline on September 3 shows the damaged Superdome and a number of fires burning across the city

September 3 finds most of New Orleans under water with fires burning along the waterfront

Waterfront FireWaterfront Fire

The watefront fire continues to burn

French Quarter Fire
A fire burns in the French Quarter

Saks Fifth Avenue
Saks Fifth Avenue fire

Helicopters drop 3,000 pound sandbags on the breach in the 17th Street Canal levee, beginning the arduous process of repairing the damaged leveeLevee Repair

Refugee Staging Area
Evacuees board buses heading for Houston at the refugee staging area on Veterans Avenue

By September 3, the last large scale evacuations of stranded residents wrap up

Buses line up at the Convention Center to remove the last remaining evacuees. By day's end, the Convention Center would stand abandoned, with only the dead left behind.Convention Center

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