Hurricane Season Scrapbook


Index Of Articles

August 14, 2004

* Charley Rips Across Florida
* Storm Roars Up Peninsula, Leaves Destruction
* Storm Damage Across The State
* WFTV Shines Brightest In Storm
* Danger Lingers After Storm Passes
* Taking Shelter
* 4 Die As Storm Drenches Jamaica, Pounds Cuba
* Cancelled Flights Scramble Visitors
* Weather Scientists Team Up To Decipher A Storm Of Data
* Storm Damage Across Central Florida
* Parks Clear Out Ahead Of Storm
* Orange Shelter Safe But Cramped
* 2 Greyhound Buses Left Their Passengers
* Relatives Worry From Afar, Helplessly
* Room Remains At Shelters
* Thousands Are In The Dark, But Crews Expect Extra Help
* Utility Workers Face "Tough Road"
* Thousands Of Homes In Region Lose Power
* Hurricane Shelters By County
* To Tampa Shelter-Seekers, Principal Is "Charley's Angel"
* Storm Cancels Rally For 11,000 Evangelical Men
* Seminole Says It's Lucky To Have Fire Chief/ Meteorologist
* Tolls Waived, But Drivers Should Check For Closures
* Families Dash Out With Their Most-Prized Possessions
* After Charley: How To Cope~ 1st Things First
* After Charley: How To Cope~ Water And Food


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