Hurricane Season Scrapbook


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August 15, 2004

* Powerless: The Human Toll / The Damage / The Forecast
* Fury Of Charley Shocks Floridians
* Hurricane Turns Life Into Obstacle Course
* Storm Shatters Lives, Homes
* From The Scene: Ice Gets Warm Welcome
* Lucky 80 Buy Generators
* Bush To See Damage Storm Caused
* Wimpier Storm Churns Up Coast
* In Retirement Haven, Property Destroyed, Not Spirits
* Jennings Surveys Hometown: "It's Hard"
* Guard Fans Out Across 9 Counties
* Storm's Lesson: Listen, Grasp
* Commentary: Storm Brings Out Our Best, Worst
* Travelers, Traffic Lights, Trees Test Temperaments
* Hurricane Smashes Private Planes
* Homeowners Hit Twice As Insurers Shift Costs
* Travelers Grounded By Airport Damage
* Charley Leaves Long Scar Across Region
* Insurance Tips
* Path Of Destruction
* Charley Rips Heart Of State
* Being On Road Can Be Its Own Hazard
* Nothing Left; Storm's Remains
* Storm Blamed For 5 Deaths
* Orange Expects $3.2 Billion In Damage
* Roofers, Tree Companies Field Hundreds Of Pleas For Service
* Charley Like Nothing Area Had Seen In 44 Years
* Priorities Rule As Area Powers Up
* Businesses Struggle To Open Amid Lines, Testing Patience
* Storm Damage Is Nature's Way Of Clearing Clutter
* 1.5 Million Without Power In Area
* Cellular-Phone Outages Leave Wireless Customers Hanging
* Power-Outage Tips
* Q & A: Where Can People Go For Shelter, Food?
* Picking Up The Pieces
* Pizzeria Delivers Despite Damage
* She's Upbeat Despite Heat
* Workers Aid Baby Squirrels
* Visit Turns To Disaster
* No Gas For Station Owner
* Worried Family Heads For Home
* School's Out In Orange; Decisions Pending Elsewhere
* Theme Parks Reopen After Brief Intermission
* Internet Message Boards Give Comfort, Details To Worried Relatives
* Help Is Here~ Allstate Insurance Ad
* County Reports: Volusia, Orange & Brevard
* County Reports: Seminole, Polk, Lake & Osceola
* Viewers' Reliance On TV Forecasters A Sign Of News Evoution


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