Hurricane Season Scrapbook


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August 18, 2004

* Haves vs. Have-Nots
* FEMA Sets Up Headquarters In Orlando
* Coping: Acts Of Kindness Common Among Haves
* Insurance: Wait For Adjuster Deepens Agony Of Damaged Home
* Here's The Situation~ Storm Overview
* Hospitals Running Beyond Capacity
* Some Fear Retaliation If They File A Claim
* Agriculture: Charley Deals Bitter Blow To Citrus Growers
* Tourism: Planning And A Little Luck Help Spare Area's Theme Parks
* TV Adds News Spots About Hurricane
* Rebuilding Will Provide Boon
* Help Needed
* Airports: Repairs May Take Year Or So At OIA
* Shortages May Slow Rebuilding
* WESH's Olympic Challenge: What To Charge Advertisers?
* Power: Meter Repair Adds To Costs
* With Power Out, Mold Never Had It So Good
* Reader Views: Acts Of Kindness
* Crews Slowly Light Up Central Florida
* Restoring Cable
* County Reports: Volusia & Polk
* County Reports: Lake, Orange & Seminole
* County Reports: Brevard
* Hero Of Berwick Street
* Keeping Their Cool
* Food Aid Can Be Right Around Corner
* Daytona's Homeless Find Closed Doors
* Progress Energy Responds~ How The System Operates
* Most Schools Close Down Till Next Week
* Test Of Spirits: Smile And Say, "Charley!"
* Devos Family Gives $1 Million For Relief
* Hurricane Aftermath Editorial Cartoon
* Metlife Insurance Service Announcement
* Future Appears Rocky For Baby Squirrels
* Cleanup Tips
* Rid The Fridge Of Nasty Food Odors
* Cleanup: Counties Brace For Huge Tab
* Demand Surges For Cleanup Equipment
* Chain-Saw Tips
* After Disaster, These Traveling Workers Have All The Power
* Christian Center Starts Fund
* Bright House Networks Service Announcement
* Lowe's Service Announcement
* Fireman's Fund Service Announcement
* Post-Charley: "As The Stomach Turns..."
* From Baghdad To Back Yard
* Hurricane Snapshots: Take A Break
* Neighborly Approach Aids Recovery
* OUC Service Announcement
* Salvaging Storm-Damaged Trees Requires Quick Action
* Progress Energy Hurricane Charley Progress Update
* Progress Energy Hurricane Charley Progress Update
* Sweaty Residents Share Frustrations With Governor


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